Saturday, 21 September 2013

IDEATION: 'Agile' AEIOU Analysis + Single Sentence Statement of Intent

To really establish where we going to develop our product, so that formally everyone knew what we were aiming for, we kind of performed a rudimentary quick AEIOU analysis, which by our own folly, turned into a CATWOE-AEIOU hybrid, aka 'Agile' AEIOU Analysis, acting as an accumulation for the things we already could put into process from our observations and input. This kind of served us better as CATWOE can be extremely confusing for people who are doing it initially, and not all team members are familiar with the strategy. I put this largely down to some of us being more used to one or the other, from being exposed to Computer Science HCI style education, but also classic IXD. This didn't really help either party but helped hone in our direction so that it was really clear what we were aiming towards for the brainstorming rounds that would soon come by virtue of task analysis and trying to match our conceptual model to the mental model of the users.

(basically done)
But this at least defined our user type

  • tech savvy, prone to project/event manage digitally.
  • happy to spread media on the internet
  • students/office workers/managers, possibly concurrently
  • shared across multiple environments, following the blurred lines trend between personal and private email use (also not trying to correct users by complementing this action).
  • Use native actions across platform (again, reiterating not trying to teach the users something new as covered in previous blog posts)


90% of the general population who are computer literate will be able to access their most recent and important email, plus reply, in under five minutes, whilst still being in control over the filtering of content.


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