Saturday, 21 September 2013

IDEATION: Integration of User Research into our Rapid Prototyping

Basically, we allowed ourselves to go off, come up with basic concepts, pick our favourites to present to the group for iteration (the 5 ideas technique).

Main Ideas Presented
Nick's Question "SpeedMail"

  • Significantly removes the response time on closed question emails by combining email technology with form elements, streamlining the process, whilst keeping it formal
  • Universally accepted by the group, implementation pending (how will it open etc, how will you separate that shizz from the other emails)
  • Mocked up as a proof of concept
First Fears

Ideation with Liz, Matthew and Darrell

  • By collaboration in the 'Ideas Pavillion' we moved into trying to display the emails over time, in a way that you would never miss the important ones.
  • Starting with a node and also timeline-esque diagrams, we slowly moved into moving that more to see how it would fit into Gmail, as an example. 
  • This was so you wouldn't miss important emails in information overload, but are also self filtering instead of being told what to filter by the program.
  • Our main idea involved incorporating the gestures, as specified in our previous analysis posts, that gave the user the ability to scroll through all the relevant unread mail that would be assigned an appropriate symbol, that would then link to the other emails from that same sender. 
  • But still, this was a weird thing to have in composite with the list... 

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