Saturday, 21 September 2013

TESTING: High Fidelity Mockups

User Testing
We set our users a set of concrete tasks and did a walkthrough, wizard of oz, style testing
  • answer the new email
  • access the new email
  • examine their facebook updates
  • compose a new email
  • delete an old message

  • in our user testing, this part of the scenario was really unclear, as the circle was no longer a tangible piece of paper and our users (3 in total) did not immediately recognise what it was
  • they were also apprehensive to click on it as it possesses no cognitive affordances, the mail icon was then added to show that new mail was received, and most of the users enjoyed this when they saw the revision
  • we'd love to do more testing but we simply ran out of time, but this was the major issue in getting users to utilise the program in the first place :(

  • All users could recognise the chronological order of the chain, but it was still unclear somewhat that the links on the chain were email messages
  • the folders, on the other hand were very clear to the users, as they follow familiar email formats
  • the new message button was also very clear, all users
  • Some users found the attachment underneath the question jarring in mental flow, however, most were just keen to answer the question yes or no, jumping to no because they don't know the guy, as was to be expected.
  • All users could correctly drag the message into the trash

  • all users saw how to manipulate the question and answer, also where to enter the recipient and subject info.
  • Users were satisfied with the interface, but the icons were a little unnatural to them, however they were willing to spend time working it out once they were in the system.
We'd love to work on this some more if time permitted :(

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